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We help the blind see

We harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Voice Recognition to allow the blind experience the physical world through their smartphone.

SECONDS is a hack created by the Founders Factory team at for TechCrunch Disrupt London hackathon held at Copper Box Arena on 3 and 4 December 2016.

We create entirely new businesses from scratch. We work directly with our corporate investors to identify new business opportunities. We tease out problems, conceptualise solutions in the form of prototypes, and validate them with consumers. This involves rapid experimentation, sharing technical ideas and approaches with the larger product development team to help see innovative ideas through to launch.

If you are interested in learning more about us, check out our website or our jobs page. Or reach out to Tomas at

Founders Factory is a hackathon that never ends.

How it works

Ever been in a situation where you couldn’t find something? Simply take out our app and use your voice to tell it what you are looking for.

It works!

Our app will alert you when the camera has identified the object you are looking for.

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